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Clara is a renowned eyelash extension trainer.

Meet Clara Grant, the mind behind all techniques, methods and practices here at Tuani Lash. Clara has traveled the world to learn and master all the different techniques and methods across the globe.

Tuani eyelash extension training - Clara Grant

Long Professional Experienced In Eyelash Extension Industry

Interested in getting your Tuani Lash Certification? Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry! Now is a great time to establish yourself as a true professional early on in this rapidly growing industry. There are many people that offer the service but do not have the qualifications or knowledge on how to deliver a beautiful and professional job every time.

Most cosmetologist and esthetician schools do not teach this trade directly and leave you to learn how to do this on your own. Clara has been certified in 6 countries and has learned and used many techniques that are being utilized worldwide. The trainings have been tailored to give you the tools necessary to be successful and great in this industry. Our trainings will help you to perform at and above an excellent standard for all of your clientele. All of the courses offered are 2 day courses to ensure that you have ample time to grasp the techniques being taught.

After you have completed the course, communication and questions can still be addressed through call or email whenever you have doubts and need some help. The courses may seem like a large investment at the moment, but once you have learned the proper techniques to deliver a professional and elegant look each time, you will be happy that you invested in this training that will elevate you above the rest and will pay for itself over and over again. There are many different options for eyelash extension training services, but we can assure you that none of them will meet the standard that we uphold here at Tuani Lash with our worldwide knowledge base and years of experience.

Training Overview

  • Basic hygiene, cleansing and preparation
  • Allergies and irritations
  • Workplace set-up
  • Learning different types of lashes thicknesses, curls and lengths of lashes
  • Tweezer types and selection
  • Proper Tweezer handling, positioning and angles
  • Lash sets and designs/Isolation/Mapping
  • In-fills and aftercare
  • Proper lash application
  • Safe lash extensions removal
  • Hands on practice
  • Client schedule management
  • Photography and more.
Read more about the training in eyelash extension training classes page.

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These are the list of products and supplies that you will be using on your eyelash extension training and needed in order to become an eyelash extension certified.

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Products and Supply List

  • 16 Line Lash Tray (non-stick backing)
  • 16 Line Lash Tray ◎ D-Curl ◎ 15 & 16mm Lengths (non-stick backing)
  • 5ml Glue
  • Jumbo Lash Palette
  • Isolation Tweezers
  • 31 Hole Glue Palette
  • 16 Hole Glue Palette
  • Introductory Glue and Tweezer Combo Kit

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Lisa Bello

Lisa Bello — “I attended the Classic/Beginners Lash Training with Tuani Lash and must say I could not be anymore pleased with Clarita's training method. She's very thorough, plainly hands-on, and transparent with all the tips and techniques she's learned and willing to pass on to her students. Can't wait to take her advance courses!.”

Thursday, August 20, 2018
Janelle Bello-McGowan

Janelle Bello-McGowan — “Clara's training was super informative and fun! I took her Classic Training. From the get go she lets you know she's a tough trainer and for that I'm appreciative because she makes you earn your certification! She is internationally trained so she knows what she's talking about. She made sure I got the material she was teaching and if I wasn't sure she would repeat it in a way I'd understand. She's hands on and will literally hold your hands to show you how to correctly pick up and apply! Even though it was a long training day I felt like I wanted go home and do more! I left her training wanting to get out there and practice what she taught right away. Clara is also very good at getting back to emails I send her, if I'm seeking advice about my business or if I have a general question about lashing. I definitely recommend her for trainings and cannot wait to take her Volume course! TuaniLash is the best!!.”

Thursday, August 31, 2018
Jasmine Lau

Jasmine Lau — “Clara is the best. I've received so many compliments on my lashes and they last so long and feel weightless”

Thursday, August 15, 2018

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