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Why Eyelash Extension Training Is Trending

A Growing Trend

Eyelashes and our obsession with them have been on-trend throughout history. In 1899, women would glue and implant lashes into their eyelids with needles (ouch!)1 References even date as far back as 1879, where a man named James D. McCabe wrote a section in his social etiquette book about how to lengthen them. Shockingly, he suggested we trim them (which just goes to show how much he knew!), but it highlights a beauty trend that has long stood the test of time.

And it’s not about to slow down… In fact, eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing beauty trends out there. Several market research companies2 have reported and predicted the growing increase in demand, with an estimated revenue of over USD 600 million by 2023.

What a time to be a cosmetologist!

Lashing Out.

In 1911, Canadian cosmetology entrepreneur, Anna Taylor patented artificial eyelashes using nothing but a crescent-shaped fabric with tiny hairs sprouting from it. Although a welcome change from corrosive glues and needles, their popularity didn’t increase until the film industry decided their starlets should have ‘eyes that appeared supernatural.’ Even then, it wasn’t until the 1950s that false lashes were designed to the mimic the standard we all recognize today.

Luckily for us, we now have far less painful options to choose from, such as:

  • Strip lashes
  • Individual flare lashes
  • Individual single lashes
  • Magnetic lashes
  • Eyelash extensions

It’s important to note that strip lashes (falsies) and eyelash extensions are very different, especially in terms of quality, longevity and cost. Anyone can apply strip lashes, but eyelash extensions require a trained professional. They also come in several quality compositions, such as mink, synthetic fibers or horse hair, while the most common false lashes on the market are typically made from plastic fibers.

It’s hardly surprising then, that more and more people are interested in lash extensions. They’re semi-permanent, enhance the length and fullness of the natural lash, and are generally more convenient for people who don’t want to apply mascara every day. Application is also intricate and skilled, with a technician using an adhesive (commonly cyanoacrylate) to bond individual lashes to the natural lash (not the skin as this can cause irritation) and increasing their thickness and length.

The adhesive itself is clever because it bonds a smooth surface (the lash extension) to a porous surface (the natural eyelash). The result of doing this over the course of an individual session is entirely dependent on the skill of the technician.

So, if your eyelash extension training isn’t up to scratch, you risk ending up with a very unhappy customer!

Cash in Lashes

In California, if you want to cash in on the popular beauty trend, a Cosmetology or Esthetician License is mandatory, as stated in section 7316 of the Californian Business and Professions Code.3 Different companies provide training and certification for potential Eyelash Extension Technicians, with varying results, but here at Tuani we offer comprehensive and unique training courses that cover everything you’ll need to become a top-rated professional in your field.

Typical eyelash extensions vary in cost, averaging between $80.00 and $500.00 That doesn’t include refills that, on average, cost between $40. and $200.00 and need to be done every two to three weeks. This is because the extensions are bonded to the natural lash and are therefore subject to the same growth cycle.

It should come as no surprise then, that people who pay for this service rightly expect first-class results. No-one would be happy going to a technician for a set of eyelashes that flutter like the wings of a butterfly, and instead come out with lashes that make a tarantula look comparatively pretty

Lashings of Praise


Well, we don’t like to boast, but we believe we have an edge when it comes to eyelash extension training courses. Our founder, Clara G, mother of 3 and all-round superstar is extremely passionate about what she does. She isn’t just certified in California, either, she’s travelled the world and got herself certified in 6 countries! This has allowed her to put her extensive knowledge to good use and tailor her eyelash extension training courses to provide an optimum standard we believe everyone should adopt.

Even with the abundance of semi-permanent eyelash courses on offer out there, horror stories of botched lash extensions are so common it’s enough to make you wince; and it shouldn’t be that way. When a client pays for a service, they should feel confident they’re in capable and experienced hands. Technicians should want this too; being average in your field shouldn’t be the goal. That’s why Tuani offers 2-day trainer courses, which more than pay for themselves by ensuring .

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Repeat business
  • Confidence that the service you provide is of a high quality and value.

This is done through three stages:

  1. Classic 2-day course – Beginners
  2. Volume 2-day course – Intermediate
  3. Mega Volume 2-day Course – Advanced/Skilled

All the courses will cover theory, techniques, method and even offer hands-on practice with a real-life model (we’ll provide one if you can’t!) Once you’ve completed the course, we also pack you off with a complete starter kit and training certificate, setting you up on your professional journey. What more could you ask for?

We provide these services at two locations in Northern California: San Leandro and Oakland. If we’re in your local area, please get in touch! All price lists and course dates can be found on our website over at: https://tuanieyelashtraining.com.

Growing your business

Whether you’re just starting out, already established, or even a beauty salon looking to provide eyelash services, we can help you become certified with our eyelash extension courses. Maybe you’re already providing these services and would like to up your cosmeticians’ skills with volume lash training? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. What’s more, we also provide quality high-grade supplies, with free shipping on orders over $75.00.

These includes:

  • 16 Line Lash Trays
  • 5ml Glue
  • Jumbo Lash Palettes
  • Isolation Tweezers
  • 31 snd 16 Hole Glue Palettes
  • Introductory Glue and Tweezer Combo Kits

Again, these can all be found on our website at: https://tuanieyelashtraining.com.

Last Lash

Beauty trends come and go all the time. The industry is ever changing and what’s hot now, might not be tomorrow. However, there doesn’t seem to be any danger of eyelash extensions going out of style, and with an estimated revenue of USD 600 million over the next five years, it’s definitely an industry with a lot to offer.

That does mean we as cosmetologists need to up our game if we’re going to remain ahead of the competition. With huge strides around sustainability5 in the beauty industry and a greater demand for products that last, the longevity of lash extensions is an attractive quality that will stand the test of time.

We plan to stick around while it does.

Tuani Lash Oakland
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Kimiko M
Kimiko M
22:14 18 Jul 19
I have love my experiences at Tuani Lash. Grace is amazing and does a great job on my lashes. She is gentle and pays a... lot of attention to detail. I am always happy when I leave. I highly recommend Tuani Lash and Grace for amazing lashes!read more
Carmen O
Carmen O
03:01 26 Jun 19
Not only is Clara the best lash artist in town, she is also the best trainer around. She is a master of her craft,... meticulous in detail. She is thorough and patient and genuinely cares about sharing her knowledge and making sure each and every one of her students learn the proper technique of lash application—how to hold the tweezers, how much glue to use, how and where to properly place the extensions, etc. She is open and passionate about her craft that you leave her training session confident and motivated to applying all you learned and deliver amazing results to your clients. I know, because I’ve tried other 2-day workshops. Each time left me more frustrated than the last, so I just put lash extensions aside and focused on other treatments. This time around is definitely different. I see a major improvement in my technique and results and above all, I am loving the process! Thanks, Clara, you are a great mentor!read more
Lei Mau
Lei Mau
20:10 16 Jun 19
I love love ms.Darling for her amazing work, thru her sister ms.Clarita the original lady of this artistry, i have come... to love their art work. Thank you for making miracles happen.read more
Meagan Montana
Meagan Montana
23:01 14 Sep 18
I love Clara's work! I get so many compliments on my eyelashes! She's always on time, professional, and so sweet.... Highly recommend!read more
Jasmine Lau
Jasmine Lau
02:16 22 Aug 18
Clara is the best. I've received so many compliments on my lashes and they last so long and feel weightless.
Lena Grintsaig
Lena Grintsaig
17:35 14 Aug 18
Clara is simply amazing at what she does! I've had some bad experiences in the past and figured that some amount of... suffering was simply the price one had to pay for great lashes, but this is not the case with Clara! The lashes are full and voluminous, the application process was very comfortable and I constantly forget that I even have them:):) Stop looking around and go see Clara!!read more
Janelle Bello-McGowan
Janelle Bello-McGowan
21:23 06 Aug 18
Clara's training was super informative and fun! I took her Classic Training. From the get go she lets you know she's a... tough trainer and for that I'm appreciative because she makes you earn your certification! She is internationally trained so she knows what she's talking about. She made sure I got the material she was teaching and if I wasn't sure she would repeat it in a way I'd understand. She's hands on and will literally hold your hands to show you how to correctly pick up and apply! Even though it was a long training day I felt like I wanted go home and do more! I left her training wanting to get out there and practice what she taught right away. Clara is also very good at getting back to emails I send her, if I'm seeking advice about my business or if I have a general question about lashing. I definitely recommend her for trainings and cannot wait to take her Volume course! TuaniLash is the best!!read more
Lisa Bello
Lisa Bello
20:43 06 Aug 18
I attended the Classic/Beginners Lash Training with Tuani Lash and must say I could not be anymore pleased with... Clarita's training method. She's very thorough, plainly hands-on, and transparent with all the tips and techniques she's learned and willing to pass on to her students. Can't wait to take her advance courses!read more
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